Bank Anuchatibud

Currently a masters degree student of wine business in Dijon, France with a background in business entrepreneurship and a diploma in sweets-making (pastries, cakes and chocolates). My interests are food (savoury and sweet), aromatic wines and team sports, in particular football ("soccer"), baseball and ice-hockey.

My love for food started with the fascination of its appearance. How it is presentated on a dish, bowl or cup along with contrasting or complementing shapes and colours are wonderful dimensions to explore when preparing food and sweets and Japanese cuisine is the perfect example of how appearance, aroma and flavours can be combined.

Since that moment of initial fascination with appearances of food, evolving to the decision of enrolling in a culinary school and masters in wine business, which would hopefully culminate in a career that revolves around the things I love in life: creating joyful experiences through food.