Bangalore, Karnataka, India is a leading Indian financial services portal providing users access to a host of personal finance products viz. loans, fixed deposits, credit cards and insurance. It is an online platform designed to facilitate real-time comparisons and applications for the ideal product in the most convenient way. It is a one-stop solution for all customers who hope to save time, effort and money through shorter search processes, instantaneous quotes and exclusive deals and discounts.

Users get to access information on various financial institutions and their products, check their eligibility, determine the relevant documentation required and even apply online. The site’s user-friendly customer interface allows this entire process to be completed within minutes.

Users can also browse through a rich repository of information pertaining to home, car, personal and educational loans; fixed deposits; health, life and car insurance and credit cards. Detailed information is made available on the different products available in the market as well as reviews based on customers’ experiences.

Also featured are a number of unique and useful financial tools e.g. online calculators. They help in ascertaining loan repayments (EMIs), maturities on fixed deposits and savings on SIPs, among other things. This enables transparency and sound decision-making.

Customers are not required to divulge more information than is absolutely necessary to process an application making users’ experiences personal and unique. Automatic updates are provided for added convenience.

To sweeten the deal, there are no charges for any of the services utilised. This includes the expert assistance of the customer support team, available throughout the search and application process.

BankBazaar maintains strong partnerships with leading financial institutions to bring its users the best offers in the market making it a provider of choice to many customers in the financial services space.