Philadelphia, USA.

"Community Organization still remains my passion while being a Change Agent is my Calling.. However, Creating innovative businesses remains my Expertise".

Ogunyemi Bankole Taiwo can best be described as a Social Entreprenuer having self-established various businesses even as a College student ranging from a dry cleaning firm to a car-wash, to a computer business centre. He has led various social development projects such as the epoch making WarriMakeover and also Summer Technology Camps in the Niger-delta region of Nigeria.

Afterschool, he was given a scholarship opportunity to be trained on Career management, social development and entrepreneurship under the International Youth Foundation Scheme in partnership with SAMSUNG under the tutelage of AfterSchool Graduate Development Centre and was later employed as an intern by the Same Firm.

He further proceeded to work with PARADIGM INITIATIVE NIGERIA where he led and managed projects such as REVODA, TENT etc and Later founded his own social development organization (THE VISIONARIES ACADEMY) and also, a Social Entrepreneurship firm based on his love for AirTravel (Lavidarica Company Ltd)

Altogether, Taiwo Banks has fondly called, is a self moivational, proactive, skillful, inspiring and independent young person
who has no bounds and limits relative to his career path and his plans for the African youths.

Recently, he received the award for the Best Use of Advocacy by AGDC and was also nominated for the TOP 12 awards by Youngstar's Foundation and the Nigerian Ministry for Youth and Development.

Gentlemen and Ladies, I present to you Nigeria's foremost young person, OGUNYEMI BANKOLE TAIWO.