Todd Morse

910 16th St Ste 1100 Denver, Co 80202, USA

I graduated Baylor University with a degree in Political Philosophy. After college, I moved to San Diego and became an analyst in commercial real estate for a large brokerage firm. In time, I missed the advocacy that I had learned as a Baylor debater and attended Thomas Jefferson School of law, where I received my Jurist Doctorate.

I practiced law in California for approximately one year. I’m an avid mountain climber, rock climber and motorcycle rider and as such found myself “visiting” Colorado three or four times per year. One day, a former law school classmate and friend, who lived in Colorado, asked a rather obvious question: “Why don’t you live where you vacation,” I moved to Colorado, became licensed, and began managing a large bankruptcy firms. I loved living in Colorado immediately, but quickly developed distaste and a distrust of large, mass production law firms. After managing large, cold, and business driven law firms, I decided that their brand of legal practice just wasn’t for me. I envisioned a local law firm that puts clients’ needs first and which takes the time to produce quality legal product in every case, as opposed to what I had learned to expect from these law firms which was just enough to get by. On October 17th, 2005, the first day of the new bankruptcy code, I opened Morse & Associates, a consumer (regular folks) bankruptcy law firm - My law firm was designed to analyze not only the legal issues surrounding our clients’ situations, but to understand the clients themselves, why they were in the predicament that they found themselves in, what their immediate concerns were, and where they wanted to be when the bankruptcy process was over. Seven years and thousands of happy clients later, I’m amazed at how well this very simple approach has worked. Rather unfortunately, I’m even more surprised to see just how rarely it is replicated elsewhere.