Bank Swift Code


BIC Code or SWIFT code is a unique identifier that is used in the verification of financial transactions, say for example Bank Wire Transfer. Bank Swift Codes gives you information on the bank and branch and where exactly the money should be transferred between banks. has always been considered as the most complete and accurate package of Swift Codes database round the globe. Hence you can find any Bank Swift Code or BIC codes. Remember that SWIFT code is very important to send or receive any kind of payment worldwide today. boosts to be the largest and most precise SWIFT Code / BIC Code database on the internet. This website lets you find or verify a Bank Identification Code of any bank around the world in no time. It is a free service that guarantees you success. So, when you are trying to send or receive money via bank wire or process payments online, you will never be disappointed.

SWIFT Codes and Bank Identification Codes database is updated on a regular basis. This is done to fulfill its guarantee of providing a reliable and accurate directory for online businesses for those who want to verify or find out a Banks Identification Code. Another interesting note is that Bank Swift Code database is free and is updated by people like you who tend make their contribution and help us update the site.

BankSwiftCode's database also provides its user with Bank Address and Branch Address that enables to match swift codes with financial institution office address. It is a unique directory that affords businesses and individuals with an easy way to avoid mistakes arising during bank transfer and money transfer. provides you with another unique feature i.e. Swift Code Lookup. This enables you to check the correctivity on the IBAN of the financial institute where you are planning on making the transaction. This International Swift and BIC code page is in favor of the sepa standards for swift messages. This segment also comes handy in the identification of account numbers by the businesses and offshore companies to make accurate credit and direct debit deposit decisions at times of dealing with funds transfers.

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