I banned coffee now what do I do?

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I banned coffee now what do I do?

I tell our drama. To most people, more than once during the course of our lives we have banned coffee. Because we suffer from any illness or symptom that announces, eg gastritis, heartburn, hypertension, anemia, headaches, hyperactivity, insomnia, osteoporosis and a long and extensive, etc ... But what is wrong with the coffee? Why is believed to be harmful? The answer, as we know it-caffeine. Yes, that blessed, popular and even addictive caffeine. Adored by some, demonized by others. For many caffeine is one of the most widely consumed drug in the world, is present in coffee, mate, tea, chocolate, guarana soda and certain medications. However, all the previous first stand blacklisted coffee, soda and energy drinks that give us wings. On caffeine, although its use is safe when comes from food natural, these excesses are not advisable especially if we have to by a medical complication. Speaking of instant coffee trade, the average healthy intake is -3 to 4 cups per day (300-400 mg caffeine) - is recommended-not exceed 5-7 cups daily (550 mg - 700 mg of caffeine ) - or it may present discomfort.

Now many proposed alternatives to traditional coffee consumption, and all the blessed caffeine, a decaffeinated coffee is, but what the problem is little known about this alternative. Us note that coffee as a food is not harmful if it is natural, for the case of decaffeinated coffee to decaf a series of artificial chemical solvents are used, the end - is not it better to consume caffeine from coffee which is a compound natural that all t