Writer, Poet, and Artist in Indonesia


Writer, Poet, and Artist in Indonesia

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I was born in Ujung Pandang on March 16th, 1998. It was at dusk, and they're the reason I love the color Orange.

I am a Piscean (although I didn't learn much about space during my school years, I do love staring at the night sky looking at the moon and constellations), an INFJ, and a mother of so many foster cats. I love so many things in life, I do love to try things out. I do Yoga and Embroidery on my free time. I like to DIY my way to the aesthetic cult, as well. I care a lot about so many issues happening nowadays, I try to make a solution by engaging in social events. I do write about it too in my blog.

Some say I'm an Idealist. And I believe I am. Profit isn't my number one priority. I somehow always feel enough with what I have and been given. I love to help in any ways my physique and mind could help.

Let's get down to something more chill..

DIET: I am lactose intolerant (yes, if I consume dairy products, I'll get diarrhea), I don't eat chicken unless it's near death situation, I love veggies (all kind unless the 'weird colored' ones such as Eggplant, Carrot, Pumpkin) and I am not fond of a taste of liquor but Baileys.

FASHION: my references are usually from Tumblr or Lookbook. Vogue is optional (because I can't afford designer-made clothing), I usually wear Casual All Black (midi-maxi dress), or Traditional Clothes (Kebaya, Sutra Bugis, Songket) to me they're very beautiful even with a mixture of so many palettes! oh, and I don't own any single female handbags, I only wear Backpacks. My favorites are Fjällräven and Jansport.

FAVORITES: The sunset colored Orange, or Pastel Purple. Fresh Books (I like literature; Bukowski, Angelou, Cummings, Damono, Nietzsche, Rilke, you name it), CATS, and Quattro Formaggio (I love cheese) (it's dairy, I know)

FUN FACTS: I am born curly and I never do anything to my hair but to cut them, I can tie a cherry knot using my tongue, I was in a national singing competition when I was a fetus aka 5th grade, I have 6.0 Myopia and 1.5 astigmatism in my right eye (I can't see without my glasses), I love Justin Bieber.

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