Bannon Fu

WIND! You cannot see the wind! It does not have a smell or color or form or touch… so how could I paint it? I found that cloth and clothes swelled when the wind blew, and I realized that I could translate the wind onto paper or canvas through the shape that it gave to cloth. As I developed my art more and more, I also saw the depth that drawing wind provided. I learned that it was not only about painting a single picture of moving cloth, but also about painting different shapes and movements, about painting up, down, floating, and rising, about painting space. It became about more than twenty things in a single painting. Wind is the essence of my art!

I have loved art for my whole life. I was born in China and became Deaf by the time I was a year old. After moving to Taiwan, my mother placed me in a school for Deaf people where I joined a group of students interested in art. We discussed old and new international artists and watched art shows. I especially respected the work of artist Pablo Picasso.
In 1971, my life changed dramatically when I immigrated to the United States. The move affected my social and intellectual life, family, religion, and culture. Although I stopped making artwork for a long time, I still attended art shows and followed the events happening in the art world.

My love for painting wind became more serious when my wife, Hwei min, had a serious stroke and slowly recovered from it. It changed my life and challenged me to focus on my passion for art and love of the wind. It is important to me that people who appreciate my art understand what it means for me. If my paintings are unclear to people, it is important for me to answer questions about it and explain my work.

I really love the wind. I love the cloth and clothes as they swell, move, make spaces, dance, blow, shift between light and darkness, and turn different colors. You might paint flowers, she might paint apples, I paint the wind. People can see and feel how my paintings express my different emotions, happy or sad. I believe my art is a living material. Every time I feel the wind, whether it is a light or heavy touch, I always feel a great spirit.