Naman Bansal

Born in Rishikesh and brought up in Meerut, Mr. Naman Bansal is the youngest child of his parents. His childhood was marked with struggles along with some great life advises bestowed to him from his mother, a single parent since Naman was 5 years old. Iron Lady, that is what he calls her. Studied from the prestigious St. Thomas School in Meerut, Naman always had a keen interest in poetry, literature and social sciences. However, life took an unexpected turn for him when he opted to study Engineering, like most middle class families’ kids do, after completion of his senior secondary education. He successfully completed his graduation in 2014 with honours and was working with Wipro Technolgies as a Java Developer since past 1 year in Pune/Bangalore. It is then he realized that all his life he has been chasing something which is not his to be chased.

On September 24, 2015, he quit his cushy job at Wipro Technolgies and begins his journey as a fellow for SBI Youth for India Fellowship. The fellowship is a 13 month long programme that enables India’s brightest young minds to work on rural development projects with experienced NGOs.
This is his journey towards his dreams. Towards his passion to help people and bring a small change in their lives.

This is his attempt to write a verse in a play called Life!