Bansri Amin

Student in Athens, GA

I am no longer that cute little baby in the picture above, but I look about the same except I am now 5'0, tan, with medium length, dark black hair. I was more than likely crying in that picture because they didn't feed me a piece of cake at my own birthday party. Cake, like drugs, can also be addictive. Well, let me rephrase, anything can addictive. Addiction is a strong habit that will eventually cause withdrawals or a negative effect if that certain habit is stopped. You can get addicted to grading papers and failing students (but please don't!). An addiction to food is what will eventually lead to obesity, an addiction to drugs is what will eventually lead to death, and an addiction to cake is what will eventually lead to happiness. I don't have any major addictions currently even though I wish I was addicted to working out and being fit. I sort of have an addiction to numbers and anything related to mathematics pretty much.