Bantu Moses

Bantu am the Rap Star, Pastor. I hate some traditions with passion.

Lemme put this straight from the beginning, am born again, that means am a Christian who have a deep personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST, and always working hard to go deeper and wider in my knowledge of HIM. I always don't get it right, but I always acknowledge GOD for the GRACE that is so SUFFICIENT for me and others like you.

I have no respect for the status quo and respect rather than fear authorities. I talk my mind out the way I feel, and some people think am controversial. I care less about that! I don't do things to fit me but to make me at peace with God and man. I make loads of sacrifices to please God and to see everyone, especially young people, receive justice and respect they deserve.

From the above you can already guess that am more interested in God and people than any other thing. In line with that, am the founder and president of a non-profit international organization; The URBAN HOPE Project, that works with young people in Children Homes, Streets and Learning Institutions to give them HOPE, share the LOVE of God and introduce them to the Christian FAITH. I have a mission to go to all the world and make DISCIPLES of all nations for JESUS. In this assignment, I try to be all things to all men like the Apostle Paul, so that I may win some to CHRIST.

I am talented, there's no debate about it. I write songs, sing, rap and play guitar, draw and paint, am good in computer graphics and ICT.

I speak and preach with authority, I skate and play football. I laugh loads and cry even more.

I love life and don't fear death. Am adventurous and dislike parties. I am here to change the world. I was born in a small village in Kenya by default and is going to conquer and command the world one day by choice. 'Impossible' and 'I give up' are not in my dictionary

I'm a student of experience and passion. I studied Divinity and Youth Work in the University and College respectively.

I panic loads and don't fear taking risks.

In Our Potter's Hand,

Bantu Moses (#TheGoldenHeart)