Baqar Bilal Hussain

entrepreneur in Pakistan

Baqar Bilal Hussain

entrepreneur in Pakistan

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Wide-ranging operational experience of many years at highest level in many organizations especially in energy sector and is working as a specialist in energy policy in economics as well as managing energy conservation sector companies.

Strong background in economic analysis and policy development, reflected in numerous publications in academic and policy journals and conference participation. Have a variety of experience and exposure to management issues, tax management, HR, and project management.

Extensive human resource and management policy experience to organizing a modernization effort which included improvements in the management framework and the policy formulation process. Skilled public speaker with ability to develop and lead public debate in diverse topics. Experienced at motivating and organizing civil society to develop ownership of major policy reform initiatives.

1: President Pakistan Energy Conservation Society

2: Helping planning commission of Pakistan and many organizations in private and public sector to make the energy conservation policy on federal level by exploring the segments of high energy consuming products and suggesting to reduce them up to 90% by implementing new technologies.

3: Carrying and lobbing a campaign for the energy conservation rather than energy production.

4: Working with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce carbon footprints and Clean Development Managements (CDM).

5: Working on power quality issues and standards of energy saving devices with the head of electrical and engineering department of LUMS.

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    • Get Technologies Pvt Ltd.