Dr. Suleiman M Baraka

Director and Public Speaker in Gaza,

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Born, on May 1st, 1965

High School: Motanabi his school, Abassan, Gaza, 1983

B.Sc. Full major Physics, Colleage of Science and Technology, Al Quds University, AL Quds, 1987

Grad Diploma, Penn State University, PA, USA, 1998

M.Sc. in theoretical Physics, IUGAZA, 2003

PhD in Astrophysics, UPMC, IAP-CNRS, Paris, France, 2007.

Post Doc VT, NIA-NASA 2008-2009


Working experiences


Public and International Relations



Motivator to astronomy and space sciences.

  • Work
    • Holder of the UNESCO chair in Astronomy
  • Education
    • PhD in Astrophysics and Space Sciences