saleem baraty

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hello my name is Saleem Baraty and I am going to be the next Mark Cuban. I am a ESFP like Mark which means that I am hands on and straight to the point.

ESFPs are pragmatic, realistic, and tuned into the needs of others. We often choose a job that allows us to be of service to people, and where we can see real, tangible results for our efforts. We are talented at solving practical, people-centered problems, and can put this skill to good use in assisting others

My future goal is to create small business's and learn how to manage them in order to become successful for the future. I plan to learn the skills for business by applying for business related programs and learning the hands on skills by applying for business jobs.

Some additional skills are being fluent in two languages, english and persian.

  • Work
    • Boston Pizza
  • Education
    • John Taylor high school