Brian Llagas

Saigon, Vietnam

A Filipino living in Vietnam, on my ninth year towards being a true Saigonite. Trying hard not to give a damn about other people's opinions -- especially if they are about me.

Why "Miss, I'm Gone" you ask? Sometime during my childhood, Miss Saigon became all the rage in the Philippines because it had a Filipina as the lead. I thought then that the title was "Miss, I'm Gone". I soon realized that I was wrong, but the musical has been ingrained in my memory ever since. It probably is the reason why I ended up here. Which brings us back to the title and its theme of being lost. I think it holds true for any foreigner living in another country. It doesn't matter how long you've lived here or how well you speak the language -- somehow you will always find yourself lost in the culture.

Oh yes, aside from being lost, I delve in corporate visual identity development, packaging and industrial design.

  • Work
    • Senior Designer at Cowan