I'm 14, I was born the 2nd of november in Strasbourg, I have got medium long brown straight hair and very dark eyes. I am regular and very small therefore my best friends call me "Kiki".

I am not touchy at all, I'm extremely stubborn, quite easily-scared because I detest spiders and I'm polite even though, when I don't like the person, I can be impolite, and yet, I suppose my best quality is my honesty.

For my clothes, whatever's practical for the occasion. I don't mind dressing up. I pay attention to what goes together but I don't spend too much time on it.
I can't live without my music! I always listen to music, all time. I can't live without my friend too! I love them! I enjoy hanging out with my friends even it is cold and raining. I'm crazy about chocolate and orange juice. However, I can't stand spinach and selfish's person. From my point of view, if you are selfish you are not a good friend, but maybe i am wrong.

If I were a colour, I would choose to be yellow because I think it is a positive colour, it is the same colour as the sun and I adore yellow.
If I were a food, maybe it would be a pepper because I am rather bad-tempered, it is not easy to eat and I know that. If I were a season, it would be winter because I love watching white snow.

When I speak about me I have the impression it is boring that's why I hate it so I stop it.