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Buy Tax Lien

Can You Buy Tax Lien For $50?

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How to Buy Tax Lien?
What is a Tax Lien?

To buy a Tax Lien,
you'll buy on a first-come, first-served basis.

From the county holding the property.

You'll buy round-robin style or by lottery.

In most cases, you'll buy a lien by bidding
at a tax sale for a lien against a property.

First, you'll pay cash for your bid.
This is during the Tax Sale.

hold the lien against the property.

That is, for however long is specified
by that state's law.

In case of non payment by the owner,
you will end up with no other choice
but to apply for the deed.

Since these aren't governed by state law,
they aren't subject to finder's fee limits.

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