Barbara Bruneau

Pastor, Volunteer, and Semi-Retired in La Crescent, Minnesota

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Barbara Bruneau is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. After officially retiring in early 2017, she continues to serve congregations as a trained interim pastor. After spending a lot of years in the flat landscape of western Iowa and southwestern Minnesota, the hills and coulees of southwestern Wisconsin are a welcome landscape.

They say that everyone has some sort of artistic talent; Barbara's is definitely not music! Instead, she loves playing with interesting colors and textures of fiber in knitting and weaving. As with many hobbies she has tried, Barbara is much better at buying yarn and patterns than at actually finishing projects. So she always has a long list of projects waiting for her attention. She takes the same approach to books and reading; there's a long list of "wanna read" books stacked on tables, shelves, and bookcases, and filling the screen of her e-reader.

Barbara shares her home with Russell, a solid charcoal gray cat with an attitude; Khaleesi, a medium-hair tortiseshell cat who was rescued from a seriously neglectful situation; and Sadie, a beagle-and-yellow-lab mix who has inherited all of the galloping energy of a lab and all of the stubbornness of a beagle.