Barbara Gormley

Hi there,

I have just completed a contract with Merrion Business Development, a Dublin based Public Relations and Marketing agency specialising in Consumer, Health and Technology PR. I specialised in media relations and social media marketing, developing creative and successful digital and print campaigns while discovering a hidden talent for business development. Graduating from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a first class Master's in Public Relations and with over two years combined experience in public relations and communications roles, I offer significant abilities in the areas of events management, media relations, digital marketing and health/scientific communications.

I am passionate about my role in particular social media engagement. Having completed the PRII Certificate in Social Media, I am currently undertaking an exciting and challenging freelance venture with Davidson Events and Promotions developing and structuring a PR and digital marketing campaign for their social media based entertainment events company.

When I am not obsessing about 'New media,' I enjoy spending time with friends and family in Dublin and Belfast, travelling, cooking and teaching adult literacy.

Feel free to contact me in relation to opportunities at and follow me on Twitter @BarbaraGormley and LinkedIn where I share industry developments and tips.