Barbara Harnsberger

I was born and raised in Idaho. I moved to Oregon some 22 years ago and it is a wonderful state to live in. It is so close to so many beautiful places including the ocean, which is just an hour away. I am married and all of our children have grown. We have many grandchildren that we adore and look forward to seeing often.

I got into this industry a few years ago and I have learned a lot.. The most important fact I have learned along the way is that Network Marketing is never about products or companies....Network Marketing is about YOU and I.

My greatest joy is seeing people find that belief in themselves and tap into the potential we are all blessed with to succeed. When you're really interested in other people, they'll know it. And "people join people" in network marketing, people don't just join companies.

I think Network Marketing is one of the very few businesses that create time, flexibility, and the possibility for Financial Freedom.

Do you feel like you have to choose between making money and fulfilling your passion in life? What is your Passion? When I really started to dream about what I was passionate about I became alive inside. I was suddenly excited about the possibilities that life presented to me.

Come and visit my website and learn more about me.

To Your Success,

Barbara Harnsberger