Barbara Mazza

Alexandria, LA

I am a former junior high school math teacher but a life long entreprenur.

From my early pre-teen days to even now as a proud grandmother I have tried my hand and found success in many businesses -- and now I am exploring my exotic love for wild birds.

I love promoting a healthy lifestyle and continue to employ the various lessons I have learned over the years in business.

Lessons such as:

treating people well;

working together because we are all in this together;

making a dime scream to pull out every bit of value left.

My friends and family will tell you I am fun-loving and all about living a high-energy life. It is no wonder I guess that I have taken to breeding 18 unique breeds of birds: Mccalls; Mini Mccall Parrots; Cockatoos; Conures; Macaws; Quakers; Cockatiels; African Greys; Amazons; Roselas; and, Caiques.

What could be a more colorful expression of life?

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