Barbara McDowell

Barbara passion for music started at an early age as she began collecting music at the age of 10. She is known in the music industry as a person who has a great ear for hit’s rather its Hip Hop, Pop or R&B musicBarbara attended Columbia College part time as a freshman in college her first class “Introduction to Radio” was quite intimidating. On the first day of class her instructor stated “Out of 20 people in this class, only 5 of you will make it in radio broadcasting”. After hearing those words Barbara worked diligently to pursue her passion for radio broadcasting at Columbia College vowing she would be one of the five students who would make it in the Radio Broadcasting industry. She started her internship as a sophomore and worked for free for three years as a producer. A position would later be created for her at WVAZ-FM as the assistant to the receptionist. She also worked in the promotions department, but programming is what captured her attention. It was the creative atmosphere of programming and selecting music that Barbara would set a goal to pursue and work on her vision to work in the Programming department. In 2000 Barbara joined the Crawford Broadcasting radio network. Barbara was given the opportunity to launched a Hip Hop and R&B station on the small signal 102.3FM WVJM (3000 watts) which was heard on the south side of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. This station would later be the blueprint for WPWX-Power 92. During Barbara’s 15 years at Crawford Broadcasting, Barbara has held the position of Music and Programming assistant, Assistant Music Director and currently Music Director. In June of 2010 Barbara launched a CHR radio station WYRB Power 106 in Rockford, Illinois. She was appointed Program/Music Director of the station until April of 2011 were she segued back full time to WPWX-Power 92. Barbara is the recipient of the Midwest Radio and Music Association Griot Award. Radio and Records 2005, 2007, 2008 Major Market Music Director nominee.