Barbara Morrison

Writer, Editor, and Teacher in the United States

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Barbara Morrison, who writes under the name B. Morrison, is a poet and writer, a publisher, freelance editor, teacher, and dancer. In her new poetry collection, Terrarium, she explores the influence of place: where you live, where you grew up, where you travel, where you go in dreams. Her previous collection, Here at Least, chronicles a journey undertaken in response to Rilke's directive: "You must change your life." She is also the author of a memoir, Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother, a powerful coming-of-age story that dispels some of the myths and misunderstandings about those living in poverty.

Barbara's award-winning work has been published in anthologies and magazines. She conducts writing workshops and speaks on women’s and poverty-related issues. She is also the owner of a small press and speaks about publishing and marketing. She reviews books on her #MondayMorningBooks blog and tweets regularly about poetry. #poetswords