Barbara Neville

Writer in Nogales, Arizona

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Arizona rancher and western author Barbara Neville's western adventures give us a humorous look into the dark past and an optimistic future.

She s the author of two (plus) books in the Cha'a Many Horses series of Historical Western Fiction, which takes place in mid 1880,s in the Apacheria, mostly in Arizona Territory and Sonora, Mexico.

Blurb for "Tomahawk Trail":

"Love Craig Johnson? Like humor? Ready for action? A wilderness adventure in 1885 Arizona. Our heroes brave the new train, Geronimo & the US Cavalry."

Also, eleven books in the Spirit Animal series . The Spirit Animal series is not what you would expect. It’s all about Cowboys and Injins. It’s told by a tough cowgirl. It takes place in the twenty-sixth century. It may be the future, but her cowboys ride horses; ranching and exploring a wilderness planet.