Barbara Neville

Writer in Nogales, Arizona

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Arizona rancher and western author Barbara Neville shows us an optimistic future.

Author of seven books in the Spirit Animal series starring Annie Talk To Horses.

Her Spirit Animal series is not what you would expect. It’s all about Cowboys and Injins. It’s told by a tough cowgirl. It takes place in the twenty-sixth century. It may be the future, but her cowboys ride horses.

You see, five hundred years ago were the Troubles. Earth was blown to smithereens. The lucky people got out just before. Pioneered new planets. War moved out into space. Things got blown back to primitive. Humankind clawed their way back out, ruled by the Federals.

Progress made them nervous, so the Feds passed a law declaring all the newly explored planets as wilderness. No internal combustion engines or electronics are allowed beyond the spaceport on planet Rock.

The law is meant to save mankind from itself.

The problem? Outlaws are beyond the law.