Barbara Phoenix

New Haven, CT

“Don’t ask me who’s influenced me. A lion is made up of all the lambs he’s digested, and I’ve been reading all my life.” Giorgos Seferis

I like that quote. It sums up my belief that my seemingly random and eclectic body of work is influenced by my entire life experience. That includes all the great art I’ve seen, the wealth of knowledge passed on to me by talented and generous teachers, the books I’ve read, the music I’ve listened to, the people I’ve loved, the people who drive me crazy, the people I love who drive me crazy, the struggles, gains, disappointments and victories. It’s all there, in every work.

Art is also therapy. I forget my worries, sorrows, anxieties, fears, regrets, aches, pains, and neuroses ~ ALL of these evaporate, in lieu of an in-the-moment quality of mind that focuses on the job at hand, and the desire to improve my ability with each work produced. That being said, if a piece is not going well, that meditative and relaxed state succumbs to a, “Well, what do I do with this now?” frame of mind; and it may come down to starting all over again. But that’s okay. Sometimes second acts lead to everything falling into place.

There’s an underlying urgency in all that I do, a pressing need to communicate something: I don’t yet understand what it is that needs to be said, but until I do, my goal is simply to create works to enrich a life somehow, even in a small way. If, through art, I can calm, uplift or encourage, provide a reminder of something important, evoke a wry grin, or maybe just soothe a tired soul, then I think there is something worthwhile in what I do.

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