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Barbara Süss

Teacher, Artist, and Mother in Vienna, Austria

Barbara Süss

Teacher, Artist, and Mother in Vienna, Austria

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I startet practicing Yoga in the year 2000 during the pregnancy with my son David. Since 2010 I am traveling anualy to Mysore, South India where I do practice and study with my teacher Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI. He also blessed and authorised me to share this ancient system.

Yoga is live, a breathing art, inspired by nature. Ashtanga is a unique form of yoga that places its emphasis on the flowing energy of breath, body and mind to cultivate an inner strentgth.

Yoga shows me very clear that if I am spending my life avoiding things that are hard and that I don´t understand, I´ll never learn anything beyond the obvious.

The combination of Yoga and Photography leads away from fascination with the extraordinary and back to a rediscovery of the ordinary. Just as I once hoped for mystical transcendence through yoga and medidation, so I assumed exotic places and unusualobjects to be the ideal subjects for photography.

Instead I have found that meditative awareness is understanding and feeling for the concrete, sensuous events of daily existence.

I am based with my son in Vienna, Austria.

*Whole life is a search for beauty, but when the beauty is found inside, the search ends and a beautiful jorney begins.* Harshit Walia

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