Barbara Thornton

Born and raised in Michigan with five sisters. I have two daughters and four grandchildren. Retired on disability because of depression/anxiety and have turned to computer for my social life.

Am very happy when I am around my girls and my grandkids. I also love spending time with my sisters and their families. We are all very close and always have been. My parents are both deceased which keeps us much more connected than you would think.

Am single and usually happy with that. Not looking for anyone to bring into my life other than a few people who want to connect through my blog or through email. Am appreciate to God and to my family for everything I have in my life, which may not be much to others, but I am truly grateful.

I also do a little work from home assisting various people across the country with typing and data entry. I have over 25 years of experience in this field and am very proficient and enjoy all of the work I do.