My name is Barbara and I'm a fourteen-year-old girl living in a town on the seaside, in the west-south of France.I was born on the 22nd of August in the same town. I live wih my mother, my twelve-year-old brother and my sixteen-year-old sister. Our appartment is located in a quiet district next to a forest.

Should I talk about the way I look like now? I'm a brunette of average height and regular weight. My eyes are brown too and I always wear glasses which are black.
Now I'm going to talk about my personality :
In my opinion, I'm extremely impatient and yet I seem very patient when I'm with my brother because he's even more impatient than me ! I can't stand waiting, in particular before Christmas or my birthday, since, as everybody does, I love receiving presents!
Besides, I'm extremely flexible since I change my mind quite easily most of the time, which is kind of annoying because it makes me very easily-swayed.
According to both my mother and my PE teacher, I'm very negative since I often say that I can't do things but I don't agree: I think I'm only realistic.
That leads to my skills. In fact, I'm not a very talented person :
First of all, I have to say that I'm completely hopeless at sports : There's not a single sport that I'm good at, I just lose at everything. That's why I hate team sports because it's always my fault when my team loses a game.
Secondly, I'm no good at artistic skills: I can't draw, nor paint, nor do crafts and surely not sculpt. All my drawings look ridiculous and absolutely not the way I imagine them before.
I think I should mention that, as I had no idea of what could my skills be, I asked my brother what he thought about this and he said that I was very talented at annoying people and staying in the bathroom for hours -which isn't true at all, I never stay in the bathroom for that long- , but I don't think that these are very useful talents..
When one asks me about my likes and dislikes, the first things that come to my mind are music for my likes and sports for my dislikes.
I'm completely nuts about music whereas I aren't a sport freak at all. I listen to music all the time, that's why I couldn't live without my mp3 or my CDS. I also enjoy reading and I'm keen on hanging out with friends, because we always have a smashing time! Well, that's it! I think I said everything there is to say about me! I hope it wasn't too boring!