Barbara Bullington

Greenville, North Carolina

Barbara Bullington moved to Greenville in the summer of 2000 to teach communication-related classes at East Carolina University.

She grew up on Long Island, New York and attended Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, receiving a bachelor's degree in journalism/communication ('97) and a master's in communication study ('99).

She has worked as a staff writer for The News Chronicle in Pennsylvania, and as a freelancer, writing articles for numerous publications since 1994 (including two for Cat Fancy magazine).

Her love of writing led her to pen the following:

"The Work of Life" (fiction, 2006) is about the lifelong relationship with an artist a young girl develops after receiving one of the artist's paintings as a gift from a wealthy aunt.

"Then Along Came Barney: The Story of a Dog Who Changed My Mind About Pit Bulls," (nonfiction, 2008) chronicles the author's adventures after adopting a stray pit bull mix.

"After the Break" (nonfiction, 2009), follows misadventures in the dating world.

"The Colossals," (fiction, 2011) a mini novella about the discovery of a new dinosaur-like life form threatening to overpopulate the planet. Bullington hopes to expand this short story into a full-length novel. All of these publications are available on

"Saving Sammy the Sea Skate," (fiction, 2013) is a children's book illustrated and written by Bullington.

Bullington considers herself first and foremost a journalist, but loves teaching in the School of Communication at ECU, as well as writing fiction (which helps her explore her inner "science fiction geek," share her lifelong love of animals and investigate other interests).

The author/educator is a member of SIBA, the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, and contributes to Pitt County Women's Journal as a writer, editor, social media consultant and photographer.

She also designs websites and would be more than happy to discuss the possibilties of designing or improving your personal or business or portfolio website! Currently, she is working on her own WordPress page at: and a website for a client: