Barbara Klein

Newburgh, Indiana

I have two blogs, one of which is called "Reflections of a PITA". I decided that I didn't mind being a PITA. (I also have a blog that I use to review books that I've read.) A dear friend once called me a PITA (just kidding of course) and the name kind of stuck. For those of you who don’t know that acronym, it stands for “pain in the ass”. I don’t think I’m a PITA, but then again, I don’t have to deal with me.

I have a blog about books and I had posted a couple of reflective pieces on it, but decided people who want to read about books, don’t necessarily want to read my ramblings. I just feel compelled to put my thoughts in print once in a while and this seems to be the best place to do it. Another dear friend, who has a blog and is a terrific writer, inspired me to write down what I know, think, and feel. Gets rid of “the itch”, you know. I will be forever indebted to her for the little push.

I’m going to try to post when life gets me down, when life lifts me up, and when I’m just plain stagnant…different moods, different perspectives. So I hope you like this blog. Reading it just may release something in you too. If it does, go with the flow. You’ll feel much better for it.

  • Work
    • Retired, Finally!
  • Education
    • Reitz Memorial High School, Evansville, IN
    • St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, Terre Haute, IN