Barbara McKinzie

Chicago, IL

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Barbara McKinzie has over 12 years of executive management experience, has successfully led the financial and membership growth for global organizations, including leadership development corporations and educational foundations. Her specialties include general and financial management, public speaking, development and execution of business strategy, marketing, international conference planning, risk and investment advisor, and even economic development initiatives in Africa.

As the Chief Financial Officer for several multi-billion dollar public and private companies, Barbara was recruited to restructure and establish internal financial processes, improve operations while establishing management protocols and return corporations to profitability. Her leadership led to the realization of more than $70 million in additional profits.

Barbara McKinzie has acquired an impressive list of accomplishments and awards over the years for her relentless dedication and tireless work ethic. For her leadership, economics, and vision, McKinzie has been awarded the following:

Today, Barbara McKinzie works with growing businesses, helping owners realize their dreams while preserving capital. Her clientele comes from industries across the board, including manufacturing, service, government, and health care. Barbara is passionate about education and public speaking. She firmly believes in transferring knowledge through businesses and utilizing money to invest in our schools.

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  • Education
    • Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
    • East Central University