Barbara Ashton

As much as I hate to show my age I started recruiting in 1980. Yes (omg) that was before fax machines. What's more, I even admit to keeping a typewriter on hand right into the early 90's.

I started my first recruiting business in 1984 and by 1986 had the enormous priveledge of finding myself smack in the middle of an incredible technology boom here in BC. It would be an understatement to say things were a little wild west complete with cowboy CEOs riding for glory (and research tax credits!) as fast as they could saddle up and say start-up!

As for rodeos, today I'm based in the BC Interior enjoying a fantastic lifestyle while recruiting across all industries and occupations, all over North America.

I'm thinking well over 1200 candidates enjoying careers with several hundred employers is where this wonderful ride has brought me, so far.

If you need that special someone to join your company, and you'd like to work with someone who knows the importance of good people on your company's bottom line, call me. Or if you or someone you know need to explore a new and better career...

Whatever you need, it all starts with just a conversation.

You talk. I'll be listening.



barbara (at) ashtonassociates (dot) com