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Bárbara Barceló

Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

That is the way I walking on life. The path is made by walking, and working hard, and it's the philosophy that I attempt to apply every step I take.
I love life and people. This arouses on me new curiosities which force to keep my education constantly updated and apply what I learn in my work, and in my life environment.

Traveler by passion and vocation, I couldn't live without the Sea.

I recently made a 180 degree spin in my professional life and I have enlisted on a new adventure which is pushing me on to reinvent myself again. Right now it is leading me to start a personal project that will allow me to develop my written skills and to apply most of my previous experience, and where I will share with the public my passion for travelling, because as I always said, both, tell about and selling trips is to sell illusions.

I've got two children whom are starting their own way already. Music is one of my greatest pleasures. My free time I love playing sport, reading, going out with friends and each time I can, travelling.

  • Work
    • Blogger in project
  • Education
    • Licenciada en ADE. Máster en Dirección General IE