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In the Eastern region of the United State

Experience is the best teacher in life. If someone asked me for advice pertaining to this life, I would say: "Enjoy your life to the fullest, and do not look back". What happened in the past is now behind you. Be grateful that you are given another day to wake up, to breathe, and to learn from your experiences. We must learn how to move on, because life does not wait for anyone.

I have also learned, not to let anyone take your joy, and do not depend on others for joy. I find joy in the simple things of life that we often take for granted, such as the beautiful trees branching out in the form of Y's, the merciful sun endlessly shining its healing rays on the good, bad, and the ugly; and the breath of life that we have within us, motivating us to do what we are destined to do.

Reach out, never give up hope, and know in your hearts that Life is for the living....so live your life to the fullest!http://www.writingrealities.com/2/post/2012/07/embracing-life.html

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