Barbara Broadway

Married to the Man of my Dreams for over 28 years! Mother of 3 wonderful daughters and one dog, whose name is Toby.

I work for myself and love it. I am a full time Mary Kay Consultant, with a team of ladies that work with me, not for me. It's not all about makeup, it's about skin care first & customer satisfaction is the priority! I add Value to your shopping experience, and there's never a shipping or handling fee. All products, and I mean all Mary Kay Products are 100% guaranteed.

Originally from Asheville, NC and have lived in Lexington, SC for over 20 years. After a career in banking for over 25 years I decided to do something that would give me joy, and I believe that I have found it. Low stress and being your own boss and having the flexiblity to go and do what you like, is priceless!