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Resumes.Expert – A Look at the Website’s Services

Finding a solid choice in the huge field of resume writing companies is never easy, as these can often bring incredibly different levels of quality. While some may be complete scams, others can offer a solid value that gets overlooked due to the negative perception of the whole market. In order to help customers have an easier time with their choices, we made it our goal to analyze companies activating in the field and point towards those worthy of your attention. While some conclusions can be drawn by simply comparing a catalog to that of competitors, the final verdict can only be done after gaining firsthand experience with a company. Today, we will see where Resumes.Expert stands.

List of services

One of the first things we noticed about this company was its extensive list of services; writing, editing, and even reviews are available for CVs, resumes and cover letters, this being the core of the website. However, there are plenty of other options worth mentioning: with resume design, interview tips, recruiting agencies recommendations and LinkedIn bios being just a few of them. All of these are available for all common situations and levels of experience, ranging from those just starting their professional life to those at an executive level. Needless to say, when it comes to variety, performs very well.


Prices are extremely attractive here, as they are well below the numbers commonly seen on the market. A full resume package containing a resume, a cover letter and a follow-up letter only costs $134.95 with a 5-day deadline, while it is not uncommon to have others charge double the amount for the same services.


The company offers periodic discounts on email, lowering the already affordable prices even more. Another attraction for us was the fact that there are resume samples to be found on their website, as well as biographies for a few of their writers. This does wonders in establishing trust when it comes to new customers, managing to set it above simple promises.

Service quality

While things looked good at first sight, it wasn’t until we placed our own order that we reached a conclusion. For us to have an authentic experience, we posed in a regular customer and demanded a full resume package, so we could have enough material to evaluate.

After completing the form, a member of our team was quickly contacted to have the order confirmed. The same conversation lead to plenty of questio