Peretz Dab

Peretz Dab was a survivor of the Shoah, the Nazi Holocaust. Born in Gleiwicz, Poland, he and his father Aron were liberated from Buchenwald concentration camp. They emigrated to the United States and Peretz, whose English name was Paul, eventually married, raised two sons and ultimately died at the young age of 52. Today his sons are both successful professionals, married and have five children between them. These children and grandchildren are living proof that the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish people was ultimately a failure. The Peretz Project is the creation of Barbara Dab, Peretz' daughter-in-law, a journalist, author, broadcast personality and award-winning PR professional. The Peretz Project will tell the stories of the children of the survivors of The Shoah, in their words and their voices, so the world will never forget.