Barbara Desrochers

Better known as "Michelle's Mom." Authored the book A Gift Called Michelle, now in 5 languages. Sang in my first opera at age 18 and married my best friend and love of my life Jacques. I was born in New York but moved to LA for adventure and college after high school. LA became home for the next 18 years. I worked in sales & marketing and eventually became the training director for I Natural Cosmetics for the West Coast. Instead of settling down right away I traveled extensively for years until I fell in love and married my husband of 26 years. The funny thing is that we were just friends for 13 years before we fell in love. Before starting a family we lived and worked on the island of Antigua, in the West Indies, for 3 years and had some great experiences. In 1988 we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Michelle. Michelle was born with Trisomy 21, better known as Down syndrome. She has enriched and changed our lives in ways I never expected. I am the past president of the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada, volunteered at Sunrise Children's Hospital, Lili Claire and Best Buddies Organization to name a few. Michelle and I teach American sign Language in Las Vegas and I have also enjoyed singing with the Southern Nevada Musical Arts group for several years. I have authored two books, "A Gift Called Michelle", now in 5 languages and sold over 50,000 copies and soon to be released a children's book named "Buddy." I give all the glory to God for all the good things that have happened to me and thank Him daily for blessing me with such a loving family.