Barbara Gini

San Jose, California

Barbara is currently spending her life in a sunny California city, San Jose, but her life started 6.000 miles away, in a foggy old city at the heart of the European continent: Torino, Italy!
Little did she know when she was growing up how things would eventually change and where life would take her, but she has learned by now that you have to be ready for whatever life throws at you and make the best out of it.
With a Law Degree from the University of Torino and a diploma with an accounting focus, anybody would think that her life was set on a path of numbers, laws and dreadfully boring memos… Wrong!
Passionate at heart, she always enjoyed lots of activities: from cooking to scuba diving, to archery and aikido, with a touch of painting and drawing.
In her path of self-discovery, she realized that she did really enjoy working on computers and learning new tools. That was the beginning of a new life, that would take her, admittedly, in a backward path, to learn about HTML, CSS, the rules of web design and usability, and shortly after to embrace digital image editing and illustration, both digital and on paper.
This discovery and evolution has been possible mostly thanks to having moved from Italy to California about 11 years ago: Italy is a beautiful place and it has amazing food, but the social and economical situation is not really one to foster change. Having to re-invent oneself was a real necessity and being in California made the change possible.
Barbara is now working as a graphic and web designer for a young emerging graduate school, ITU. Here she can focus on design and also learn something new every day.
Most of her time is spent between work, her two beautiful little girls, aikido training (to keep her mentally sane!) and other hobbies; she also takes classes in the Digital Arts department: because we never stop learning and there are so many interesting things out there that we don’t know yet and they are just waiting for us to discover them!
As her daughter said, when people stop learning, they eventually die…
Her dream is one day to find out a way to combine her passion for cooking, drawing and computers together…

  • Work
    • International Technological University
  • Education
    • Universita' di Torino - Facolta' di Giurisprudenza