Barbara James

London, England; Basel, Switzerland; Riverside,CA

Just because I've hit the 50 plus mark I want to take courage and embrace these great years ahead of me. I want to reflect on the changes I'm going through (and there are changes), but I don't want to dwell on them- but overcome them. My challenges are nothing compared to obstacles that many of my friends are going through right now. But it's a starting point of taking control of what you can, improving on what's there, and thanking God all along the journey. I share out of years of experience in dealing with people and their health issues (nursing), personal fitness and training, and working on backs (massage therapy) for the past decade. Living in different cultures on different continents has meant for the need to diversify and maintain balance and flexibility in my own personal life and regimes. But people around the world are all the same- at end of the day.......we want to function at our best and give generously of ourselves to the people, passions and ideals that we love. I hope that "Just a bit more" helps you, as it is helping me! Thanks for joining the journey.......

  • Work
    • Co-founder of Transitioning.Me
  • Education
    • University of Delaware, BSN, London College of Massage, BASI Pilates