Barbara Jolly

I am 19 years old. Out of school but currently waiting for GED results. When I go to college I am planing on taking Business management classes. I am a very happy person that always keeps calm and focused on what I'd need to do. I like to keep organized and find ways to better my work environment. I have bussed tables starting from age 13-15 (it was more of a whenever they needed help job), I worked at T&D; concessions from 2007-2010 (temporary, seasonal job), and I've worked at Aramark from April 2010 to July 2010. I had trouble getting to St. Charles at the time =/. At T&D; I worked as a cashier, prepped food, talked to the customers, cleaned, and set up the station. At Aramark I set up cleaning stations, bussed tables, prepped buffet lines, kept a clean working environment, did stock, and took inventory. From September of 2011 until July of 2012 I was a nanny for a special needs child. My duties were giving him medication, providing him with proper meals, cleaning, running errands, getting him ready for school, taking notes, and go shopping for food. The pay was really low and I was not able to afford anything with it. I'm a very hard working person that will give 110% on a job. If you would like to contactme my e-mail is