Barbara Kiss


...The above words...well... I just asked the people recently around me to tell the first word comes to their mind about me. I think I got quite a positive result; depends on the viewpoint of small" :)
But this would be me. A 25-years-old girl from Hungary.

I am:

still a student... (with an already existing Bachelor's degree from Hungary - Expert in Communication with PR minor)

an employee...(working for a PR Agency in Budapest, Hungary)

a girlfriend... (I have the most handsome and loving boyfriend in the world! <3)

a dog-owner... (Cooper, the 3-years-old minpin can be seen from the background)

a daugther... (my mom and my older sister is my closest family)

and a beginner blogger ( 1 Kiss Blog - I really try my best).

I love... read good books, talk long with different kinds of people, travel and get to know new cultures drink my morning cocoa with cookies sleep long on the weekends laugh till crying explore new things learn languages

Check my blog (1kissblog) I promise to write in English as well ;)

  • Work
    • Open Communication Kft
  • Education
    • Savonia University of Applied Sciences