American Adirondack Chairs Wine Racks



Founder and CEO of American Adirondack Chairs a Green Company Saving Sports Equipment from Landfills and recreating them into useful and beautiful Chairs, Benches, Coat Racks, Wine Racks, and more exciting useful items.

An Animal Lover, Lover of the Arts, Architecture, Design, and Junk Glass Sculpturer. Obsesed with Pinterest.

I grew up in Tacoma and Gig Harbor, Washington. I enjoy the love of the layed back life Style of the Country, Farming, Animals and the Smell of the Sea.

Since Childhood I have travel to Japan, Tiwan, Phillipines, Indonesia,Jakarta, 38 States of the United States, Hawaii, Carribbean, and delighting in seeing many treasures of the World.

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    • Ceo & Founder
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    • University of Washington