Barbara Longsworth

Barbara Longsworth

Barbara Longsworthhas lived an UNBELIEVABLE life of challenges that her survival boggles the minds of those that know her, including her doctors. Her difficult life experiences forced Barbara to search for solutions that ended in her discovery of:

“Understanding why we have challenges in our lives”

“That what we tell ourselves becomes our truth”

“That what we believe leads to the choices and lifestyle we create for ourselves”

These discoveries helped Barbara amass her life lesson tools that she wholeheartedly shares with those that come to her for help. Her strengths and love for life have been evident as she overcame her own challenges with life threatening illness, surviving as a hostage in the Gulf War, and a slew of other traumas.

Barbara’s creativity helped her to find ways to overcome financial ruin resulting from her health challenges. Her tenacity to understand and overcome challenges she is faced with pushes her to take action, action that resulted in obtaining her coaching credentials and reaching a sustained level of high performance, all from her sick bed. She is constantly training to bring the best skills to help her clients.

Barbara now dedicates her time to help others who knows they are destined for more greatness. She helps them reach heightened and sustained levels of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence in her 12-session High Performance coaching. This coaching gives her clients new insights and tools they can use to amplify their passion and performance no matter what challenge they are facing, or what they are dreaming of. She helps her clients lessen their learning curve so they can achieve their greatness sooner.

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Phone: 612-369-4807

Why I Am A Great Coach To Work With?

In the journey of my life, I gathered priceless experiences, wisdom and understanding why we have challenges in our lives. I am very grateful for the journey, because the gifts I received are priceless. Gifts that I am passionate to give back to life and to you!

The experiences I have had in this life were, let’s say pretty rough. Despite the battle scars from my encounter as a hostage of Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, leading to exposure to the oil fires, the countless health challenges that followed, I was ruined financially and physically. I never gave up hope though, even when I was given up for dead! Like you, I knew that life had more to offer me.

After using Brendon’s High Performance processes of Clarity,