Barbara Majeski

Lifestyle expert and TV personality in New York, NY

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From a very early age, Barbara Majeski knew that she needed to do everything in her power to ensure that Steven would never be institutionalized. She made it her personal mission to take care of him and to never let him down. This dedication quickly turned into one of the most important decisions of her life, as it pushed her to achieve more than she ever thought possible. Over the years, humor became their saving grace and this is Steven's story as much as it is Majeski's.

Barbara Majeski is a born connector. After graduating from Towson State University, she joined a start-up in Atlanta, Georgia and spent her 20s learning about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, leadership, and how to scale sales teams across the United States effectively. Starting as a door-to-door salesperson, this 'cold call commission sales' chapter in her life nurtured her business acumen, having to think on her feet and stand tall in the face of adversity. In addition, it instilled the discipline and mental fortitude to hold her in good stead for the challenges ahead.

During this time, Barbara's ability to read audiences and make meaningful connections with people came to the forefront when she found herself excelling in inspiring, motivating, and educating others. She quickly became known as someone who could galvanize teams and get them moving towards a common goal - traits that have served her well throughout her career. Today she uses these skills to help businesses achieve their goals through effective communication strategies.