barbara M avakian

Los Angeles, CA

Creator of the Data DNA

OCD about Data

BI Architect

Human Factors International Trained

UX, HCI Master

Interwebz & Warez slave

Social Media Wizard

Brand, Web Product and Business Consultant

Technical, Functional, Business Specifications Expert

Process Improvement & Implementation

Lead & Manage Development Teams

Prefer: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, HAML, Sass, CoffeeScript, Flat Design

LOVE Continuous Integration

Artificial Intelligence and Rules Design

Social Network & Social Intelligence Network Evangelist

Experienced building new solutions & redesigning existing products in several industries

Competitive Intelligence

Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid Project Management

Hands On Leader

Strong reputation with "cleaning" up existing products

Founder, Architect and Developer for

Co-Founder & Partner for

Bilingual in Spanish

Citizenship: US (born), Costa Rica, Jordan

5 years Executive Leadership

  • Education
    • Business Degree: eBusiness