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Barbara Burns

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* Mother of two, wife to one, teacher to many over the years; * With a flair for writing and a passion for savinf money, I began moonlighting as <a href = "">Atlanta's Frugal Mom</a>; * Special Education teacher before becoming a mother, preschool teacher thereafter * recently trained in Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction * Lived in the divine town of Athens, GA for seven years, wherein I obtained my BSED and MED in education. * As a true Southern girl, I require but a mere sack of boiled peanuts, a cold "Co-Cola" (that's Coca-Cola, for those who don't speak Southern-ese), and a juicy slice of watermelon. Throw in, too, a spicy Chick-fil-a sandwich and waffle fries. Mmmmm, waffle fries..... * Running, swimming, and dancing crazy jigs with the kids. *Craves college football season -- GO DAWGS!