Barbara Muniz

Buyer in Seattle, Washington

On my dreams: My greatest passion is e-commerce. I have been involved in e-commerce and retail since the beginning of my career (even if a lot of people couldn’t fathom who would buy products online) and have worked with many online platforms both in the United States and internationally, which brings me to my second passion, international trade. Connecting the world through products and people is my goal and what I strive for everyday. As I buyer for many years I am not only interested with the final result but I love to know exactly where and how the product was made. If there is a better way to get it done I want to know! I am experienced working with taxes and regulations, international logistics, and product compliance.

I love working with my team and vendors to come up with creative ways we can maximize their product and offer a better customer experience, after all, we always work for the customer.

On speaking three languages: I am also a “brain bodybuilder,” and according to the article I am great at higher-level brain functions and ignoring things that aren’t important. On a serious note, being trilingual has given me a huge advantage in my field, and it is one of my “skills” that I am most proud of even if I was just a baby. It brings me closer to my goal of connecting to people across the globe and allowed me to work internationally.

On building teams: I am a type “A” personality, ENTJ if that interest you, but I do not micromanage, not past 2 weeks of getting a new team at least.

Micromanaging means you do not believe in your team and that creates more stress and work for everyone.

I build my team morale based on their passions and strengths supporting them in all steps of the way but I stand back. It is important for me for them to become self-sufficient and confident to be an asset for the team.

I want to build my team up, teach them everything I know, but I’m greedy and want them to teach me everything they know too.