Tian qiu


my name is tian qiu ,you can call me Tian .I am from china,I have been here for 3years,I can speak 3 languagesMandarin, Cantonese, English,when I was 16 years old,I when to Guangdong learning Fashion design for 5 years, my plan was to go to Singapore to continue to study fashion design,however ,for some reason ,I was change my plan I like to design clothes very much, when I was in Guangzhou ,because of my course is very relaxed, so will do a lot of clothes for myself, and my friends and my teacher ,many people like my clothes, , so I became a Taobao businessmen, started making my own clothes to sell on the online store. quantity not too much , is basically a month about 5 pieces, but, every time ,when i post information to my store .I was sold out in next 2 hours..I have lots of friends here,there are from diffriend citys,

I love canada ,i love winter,I love snow,Many people say that Canada is very cold.I very agree, but that did not stop I like it here, because no one can imagine how much I love winter.

I am a bussiness student, I will graduat at next year,when i finnish everything ,I will stay here ,and than find a job. If you want to konw more about me ,or if you want be a friend with me ,you can add me .

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