Barbara Saccardo

Owner of "The Healing Gate"

Usui/Karuna Reiki Master/Trainer

All of my life I felt as if something was missing. I could not put my finger on it, but there was an emptiness, a feeling that I should be doing more with my life. Then one day, it all became clear; a veil had been lifted.

It happened when, out of curiosity, I picked up a Reiki pamphlet and began reading it.
That is when I knew it was Reiki I had been searching for; I was born to be a Reiki healer. After much research and a few dead ends, Barbara Fasulo—a certified energy therapist and Reiki Master—came into my life. Barbara teaches Reiki classes for the hospital. I immediately enrolled and am now a certified Reiki Master and Trainer.
Reiki is my passion. The opportunity to use this gift to help and heal others is the most rewarding and enriching part of my life.
Reiki has given my life new meaning.
I studied Karuna Reiki® under the founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, William Lee Rand in Glastonbury, England. This was the most powerful healing and spiritual journey I had ever experienced. Karuna Reiki energy is formidable, yet gentle healing.
My practice at both the Senior Center in Glastonbury and St. Francis Hospital has brought relief to those who suffer from cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, chronic anxiety, depression, head pressure and other maladies.
For me, Reiki is all about healing and viewing life through a positive lens – taking time to hear the chirping birds and the other miracles of Nature.
I look forward to meeting with you.